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Life & Spirituality Coaching

Life and Spirituality coaching provides the opportunity to create sacred space surrounding key areas in your Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit where you feel stuck and unable to accomplish a life that resonates with who you authentically are. We all have the capacity to create the life of our dreams, however, it often requires the assistance of either a coach or therapist to break through our own blockages and begin walking the path to our own passion. A coach assists you, first, in creating expanded awareness of your true desires and then, second, identifying challenges and strengths you already have, to begin making new choices that are in alignment with your authentic Self. 

Coaching can address personal development, current and first family dynamics, health concerns and goal setting, relationship challenges, career satisfaction and spiritual sanctity. We approach this development on all levels: Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit. 

With a personal history that includes religious abuse, PTSD, divorce, single parenting, financial rebuilding, blended family issues and career development, Nikki brings compassion, empathy, intuition and a solid understanding of the necessity for structure, self discipline and accountability when co-creating change with a client. Each session is tailored to the unique needs of every individual, respecting their religious background, sexuality preference/gender identity and personal history. 

Coaching is available in my office in Altamonte Springs, FL near Orlando, or remotely by Skype. Please contact me for a complimentary consultation to determine if my style of coaching suits your current concerns.