Updated Site and New Blog!

Hello Everyone! It’s been 2 years since I’ve posted here. Honestly, I’ve been so insanely busy building my practice in other ways, it’s felt impossible to share content here. But I’ve got the business set up and running pretty smoothly….got into a bigger, better space on the first level of my building, complete with space for coaching AND bodywork. It’s working out phenomenally and I really feel all the aspects of business ownership are cohesive now! I’ll always be learning, growing and expanding, but the fundamentals are in place now! So….onto my latest share written earlier today……

*How* do you know you're not living in your truth?
*How* do you step into your truth?
*How* do you accomplish this in a peaceful way?

How did I know I wasn't living my truth? I was stressed beyond belief in body/mind/heart/spirit. I was not at peace within or without. I did not feel like the author of my life. Quite the opposite. I felt like life had taken me forcibly on the most brutal of journey's. That's how I knew.

How did I step into my truth? Raw, unedited, courageous exploration of my history, beginning with childhood. I excavated my inner world like there were diamonds waiting at the bottom. And there were! I did not turn away from the emotionally painful awareness that came up in: therapy, bodywork, energy medicine sessions, meditation, soul retrieval, journaling or prayer. I faced my truth.

How did I accomplish this in a peaceful way? Not easily. Most of us are raised to believe that confronting our truth is aggressive, angry, combative and undoing. It can be. But it doesn't HAVE to be. We can create new neural pathways by choosing acceptance, love and positive action when re-working our stuff for a more authentic, truthful life. Amazingly, by reprogramming myself to confront my truth in love, I can now also achieve communication that is emotionally difficult, in love, with others.

If you feel life is running you. If you are not the author of it. If you are stressed beyond belief. Please reach out. Recovery of your peace, empowerment, passion and joy is possible! By utilizing BioDynamic Therapy addressing recovery in Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit you CAN thrive!!


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Energy work and Reiki

Happy Hump Day!!! So, last blog I promised I would go into more detail with the combining of physical body work with energy modalities. In holistic medicine, we view the body not as individual systems, organs and structures, but rather as a cohesive, flowing, engaging and always connected unit. This becomes apparent, for instance, in the case of trigger point therapy, where active trigger points in the neck or face can be the source of headaches. In psychosomatic work, years of anxiety or stress can manifest as gastrointestinal issues, chronic migraines, skin disorders, etc. Our energy or state of mind has as much influence over the physical body, as do physical factors themselves. 

In mindbody medicine, the practitioner must be knowledgeable in both physical structures of the body and also the process of checking and increasing (or sometimes decreasing) the flow of energy to dysfunctional areas. Although some confusion does still exist as to the relatability of energy medicine with Eastern and Western medicine (ie, how can Reiki work with chakras if Reiki is Japanese and Chakras originated from Indian culture...I get asked this question frequently), I find the origin of the information to not be problematic in that Chakras are located around the major nerve centers of the body. Although the information originates in different cultures around the globe, the message is the same. A huge amount of information/energy is being accepted/processed and then relayed to whatever necessary destinations it has.

When information/energy becomes blocked in the body, often around the major chakras/nerve centers, dysfunction begins occurring throughout the body. I have had several clients in the last month who are healing from PTSD. Their root, solar plexus and and heart chakras have been significantly impacted. Their sense of being ungrounded (out of their body), having gastrointestinal disorders (sick to their stomach) and difficulty breathing or blood pressure issues (trust, safety) is not just in physical space. The mental and energetic "bodies" have been affected as well. 

As a holistic massage therapist, I approach these sessions with an open mind and heart, intending only for the highest possible healing to occur for the patient at that time. I utilize Craniosacral technique along with Reiki. My function is to be as clear of an energetic channel as possible, between Universal Source energy and the clients energy fields. I personally have to maintain a very strict self care routine of daily meditation, eating as high vibrational foods as possible and keeping my health and fitness positive and my surroundings a peace-filled space. I'm much less a "healer" and much more a "facilitator". I believe the reason my clients experience profound results is merely because I truly love this work. It is my passion and my purpose. I have no problem spending an entire hour meditating if I feel the need for it instead of 30 minutes, or spending days reading books or articles on the subject. My continuing education will only stop the day I physically can't move anymore, see or hear. And even then, I might still find a way to absorb new information on this profound healing. 

Please contact me with any questions you may have on energy or Reiki healing. 



Catching Up!

Hey Everyone! Well, it's taken me some time to hop back on here and write again. I've desperately missed writing! Hurricane Irma created far more work then I've personally had to handle with previous hurricanes. Between the prep work, clean up, waiting out the power to return, waiting on crews to show up to haul debris away...WOW. I believe we're finally back to normal and I've been crossing my fingers we don't have any more touch on anyone's land this year! 

I've been seeing some fantastic results with patients when we wrap up neuromuscular session's with craniosacral therapy. The soft tissue seems to retain that muscle memory of the corrected function and clients neurological system is also calmed down, thereby seeming to prolong the relief experienced. From an energetic viewpoint, it also allows clearing of any energy blockages and accelerate energy flow from each major center to the next. Each clients experience is unique and can facilitate seeing of "colors", images or "journeying", release of old emotion or trauma or just a deep sense of being in a place so peaceful they do not want to leave it. My personal opinion is that this work allows us to be as authentically "clear" energetically as we are when we are children. 

Later in the week I'm going to follow this particular blog up with the details of some work I've been doing combining physical pain (psychosomatic) work, Craniofascial and Reiki. It's exciting stuff and facilitates quite the shift in the mind/body/spirit complex!!!!

Till then!


Computer work, Mental Health and Golf!

Hello Everyone! The weekend is closing in on us thankfully!!! I've had a busy week but I wanted to share quickly a little snapshot of my day yesterday. I was in the office from 12-5 and worked with 3 clients who each had radically different reasons for treatment. I LOVE these kinds of days! 

So the first client works with a team of practitioners for mental health purposes, and I am honored to be a member of that team. Their particular disorder can render them severely depressed, unable to work and obsessive. We've been addressing their complications with 2 different approaches. The first is the extreme tension they experience (either from stress, the psychotropic medication or a combination of the two, I'm not sure), which we utilize Swedish massage, myofascial release and neuromuscular technique for (and throw in some hot stones for good measure! Incredibly relaxing!!) The second approach is with Craniofascial technique. Seeing that this technique directly impacts the health of the brain, no mental health disorder session is complete without this added in. This client feels homeostasis return to their body and mind post-session and gets a good few days of calm afterwards. I love this work.

My second client is a very healthy individual who works out regularly, is not overweight and has an active lifestyle. However, their job requires them to be sitting at a computer desk 8+ hours a day. As we've discussed before, office injuries are becoming a large percentage of the clients we see. Postural dysfunction and weakness abounds with this career choice! This was a very straight forward session of Swedish massage to warm the tissue and begin the relaxation process in the body, then move towards deep tissue techniques and neuromuscular work. I released the trapezius, scalenes (neck muscles) pecs (to decrease forward shoulder rotation) and some nice scalp work at the end to release any tension holding from squinting at a computer screen, tight neck, etc.

My third client is also an active individual but has chronic tight glutes, IT bands and hamstrings which inevitably create low back pain. They had engaged in a round of golf and accidently hit the grass instead of the ball at one point, creating a jolt through the entire body. Low back pain ensued! We treated this as a sports massage session and applied heat, released low back, muscles around the hips, gluteals and hamstrings, IT bands and quads. This session involved a lot of myofascial release, pin and stretch techniques, rocking and neuromuscular technique. Their pain significantly decreased post-session.

That was my day yesterday!! We love the work we do. Assisting others find relief from pain is our passion. Please contact me if you have any questions! 


Massage for Anxiety


Intuitive, empathic care

Anxiety is at an all time high in our society...a problem that has reached epidemic proportions worldwide. It is to blame for countless health conditions and can have a minor, nagging impact on daily life or create devastating paralysis. It can take years to identify the root cause and most often there is a need for multiple approaches to find healing and relief. 

Throughout my years of experience I have worked with countless clients who are suffering from chronic anxiety and whose neurological systems are never taking a "break". Their "flight or flight" response system has been activated excessively by childhood trauma, PTSD, abuse, financial disaster, chronic disease, social trauma such as massive terror attacks and a host of other causes. By this point, most clients cannot shut down that parasympathetic response without assistance on a physiological level. 

We approach this disorder in 2 ways. The first is providing healing human touch in a safe, professional environment. The second is by utilizing CranioFascial technique. As discussed in my last blog, CranioFascial technique directly access's the brain through the cerebrospinal fluid pump mechanism. As the technique facilitates the clients self-correcting process, the neurological system is directly impacted, instigating a calming and slowing down effect. 

Clients will often utilize breathing or visualization techniques during this process to assist them in their journey back to homeostasis. The practitioner will assist in "holding" areas of tension or distress until the strain pattern is released or eased in the body. 

Each person's journey is unique and personal. We hold space to allow whatever the client needs in this time, whether it is a moment to cry, reflect, breathe, share or just have some time in silence. To listen with respect and empathy is the greatest gift we can share with our clients and the world today. If you have any questions regarding massage for anxiety, please do not hesitate to contact me.





Welcome to Our Practice!

Happy Happy Wednesday morning to Everyone!!! This is our first official post since going live earlier this morning. We have been busy bees the last 2 months with professional photography (HUGE shout out to Central Florida photographer Lindsey Nolan - www.lnportrait.com), reworking our social media sites and creating this website. I can't wait to share with you some of the truly amazing techniques we utilize in our practice and how life changing it is for our patients.

Jonah and I share a very special passion for assisting newborns, children and adults with chronic pain conditions. Unbelievably we both started on this path in 1999, lived on opposite coasts and had no idea who each other was! We had the potential to cross paths numerous times once I had relocated to Central Florida, but finally met in 2005 while working for the same chiropractic clinic.

The first question I usually get is "what is medical massage?". I'll discuss this far more in depth in later blogs, but for a quick overview, medical massage is any session that focuses on a pain or structural disorder. This can range anywhere from neck and back pain due to working at a computer station all day, to scoliosis, headaches or to addressing fibromyalgia pain.  

We are so thrilled to share our 40 years of combined experience with you and hopefully bring some pain relief, stress reduction and serenity to your day!