Catching Up!

Hey Everyone! Well, it's taken me some time to hop back on here and write again. I've desperately missed writing! Hurricane Irma created far more work then I've personally had to handle with previous hurricanes. Between the prep work, clean up, waiting out the power to return, waiting on crews to show up to haul debris away...WOW. I believe we're finally back to normal and I've been crossing my fingers we don't have any more touch on anyone's land this year! 

I've been seeing some fantastic results with patients when we wrap up neuromuscular session's with craniosacral therapy. The soft tissue seems to retain that muscle memory of the corrected function and clients neurological system is also calmed down, thereby seeming to prolong the relief experienced. From an energetic viewpoint, it also allows clearing of any energy blockages and accelerate energy flow from each major center to the next. Each clients experience is unique and can facilitate seeing of "colors", images or "journeying", release of old emotion or trauma or just a deep sense of being in a place so peaceful they do not want to leave it. My personal opinion is that this work allows us to be as authentically "clear" energetically as we are when we are children. 

Later in the week I'm going to follow this particular blog up with the details of some work I've been doing combining physical pain (psychosomatic) work, Craniofascial and Reiki. It's exciting stuff and facilitates quite the shift in the mind/body/spirit complex!!!!

Till then!