Energy work and Reiki

Happy Hump Day!!! So, last blog I promised I would go into more detail with the combining of physical body work with energy modalities. In holistic medicine, we view the body not as individual systems, organs and structures, but rather as a cohesive, flowing, engaging and always connected unit. This becomes apparent, for instance, in the case of trigger point therapy, where active trigger points in the neck or face can be the source of headaches. In psychosomatic work, years of anxiety or stress can manifest as gastrointestinal issues, chronic migraines, skin disorders, etc. Our energy or state of mind has as much influence over the physical body, as do physical factors themselves. 

In mindbody medicine, the practitioner must be knowledgeable in both physical structures of the body and also the process of checking and increasing (or sometimes decreasing) the flow of energy to dysfunctional areas. Although some confusion does still exist as to the relatability of energy medicine with Eastern and Western medicine (ie, how can Reiki work with chakras if Reiki is Japanese and Chakras originated from Indian culture...I get asked this question frequently), I find the origin of the information to not be problematic in that Chakras are located around the major nerve centers of the body. Although the information originates in different cultures around the globe, the message is the same. A huge amount of information/energy is being accepted/processed and then relayed to whatever necessary destinations it has.

When information/energy becomes blocked in the body, often around the major chakras/nerve centers, dysfunction begins occurring throughout the body. I have had several clients in the last month who are healing from PTSD. Their root, solar plexus and and heart chakras have been significantly impacted. Their sense of being ungrounded (out of their body), having gastrointestinal disorders (sick to their stomach) and difficulty breathing or blood pressure issues (trust, safety) is not just in physical space. The mental and energetic "bodies" have been affected as well. 

As a holistic massage therapist, I approach these sessions with an open mind and heart, intending only for the highest possible healing to occur for the patient at that time. I utilize Craniosacral technique along with Reiki. My function is to be as clear of an energetic channel as possible, between Universal Source energy and the clients energy fields. I personally have to maintain a very strict self care routine of daily meditation, eating as high vibrational foods as possible and keeping my health and fitness positive and my surroundings a peace-filled space. I'm much less a "healer" and much more a "facilitator". I believe the reason my clients experience profound results is merely because I truly love this work. It is my passion and my purpose. I have no problem spending an entire hour meditating if I feel the need for it instead of 30 minutes, or spending days reading books or articles on the subject. My continuing education will only stop the day I physically can't move anymore, see or hear. And even then, I might still find a way to absorb new information on this profound healing. 

Please contact me with any questions you may have on energy or Reiki healing.