Welcome to Our Practice!

Happy Happy Wednesday morning to Everyone!!! This is our first official post since going live earlier this morning. We have been busy bees the last 2 months with professional photography (HUGE shout out to Central Florida photographer Lindsey Nolan - www.lnportrait.com), reworking our social media sites and creating this website. I can't wait to share with you some of the truly amazing techniques we utilize in our practice and how life changing it is for our patients.

Jonah and I share a very special passion for assisting newborns, children and adults with chronic pain conditions. Unbelievably we both started on this path in 1999, lived on opposite coasts and had no idea who each other was! We had the potential to cross paths numerous times once I had relocated to Central Florida, but finally met in 2005 while working for the same chiropractic clinic.

The first question I usually get is "what is medical massage?". I'll discuss this far more in depth in later blogs, but for a quick overview, medical massage is any session that focuses on a pain or structural disorder. This can range anywhere from neck and back pain due to working at a computer station all day, to scoliosis, headaches or to addressing fibromyalgia pain.  

We are so thrilled to share our 40 years of combined experience with you and hopefully bring some pain relief, stress reduction and serenity to your day!