Craniofascial Technique Explained!

Good Morning Everyone! Today I'm going to go into further detail regarding the Craniofascial technique we utilize. This is a phenomenal modality that facilitates SO MUCH healing on so many levels. Most of the time our patients get off the table saying they felt like they've just had the deepest rest they've ever experienced in their life! Since this is an extremely gentle modality, we easily incorporate it into pediatric and adult massage. I, personally, love using this modality when I work with adults who are highly stressed, usually managing jobs, homes and children. The soothing effect it creates for the neurological system dials back that parasympathetic response like no other!

Clinically, what we're accessing is the cerebrospinal fluid pump mechanism and it's connection to the fascial web throughout the entire body. Through the birthing process, trauma to the body such as accidents or falls, soft tissue injury, extended periods of extreme stress, anxiety or depression etc., the fascial web will start to develop strain that can pull at up to 2,000lbs per square inch. Since fascia has a close relationship with the craniosacral mechanism, the drag begins to diminish flow of the cerebrospinal fluid. Numerous dysfunction's can begin to develop at this point. For infants it can be asthma, torticollis, reflux, colic, sleep disruption, decreased range of motion with head and extremities, difficulty latching or swallowing and more. For adults we commonly see patients present with migraines, headaches, postural dysfunction, TMJ disorder and more. 

This treatment is performed without any force on the body whatsoever. The practitioner begins by gently cradling the occipital bone at the back of the head, just "listening" to the movement (or lack thereof) of the bone. We begin receiving an incredible amount of information at this point regarding how well the CSF cycle is flowing. Slowly and gently, we then palpate or hold each cranial bone, eventually moving to the sacrum (low back) and allow enough time to not only allow the practitioner to access the movement of each bone but also the patients body to develop awareness of the dysfunction (never forget...your body is a SELF HEALING system!). A series of fascial unwinding then begins wherever the body is indicating there is tension. Again, this is done without force and is actually quite relaxing. 

We highly recommend that all patients receive Craniofascial Therapy as an adjunct to their healthcare routine. If you have any questions regarding this modality, please do not hesitate to contact either one of us with further inquiry!