Massage for Anxiety


Intuitive, empathic care

Anxiety is at an all time high in our society...a problem that has reached epidemic proportions worldwide. It is to blame for countless health conditions and can have a minor, nagging impact on daily life or create devastating paralysis. It can take years to identify the root cause and most often there is a need for multiple approaches to find healing and relief. 

Throughout my years of experience I have worked with countless clients who are suffering from chronic anxiety and whose neurological systems are never taking a "break". Their "flight or flight" response system has been activated excessively by childhood trauma, PTSD, abuse, financial disaster, chronic disease, social trauma such as massive terror attacks and a host of other causes. By this point, most clients cannot shut down that parasympathetic response without assistance on a physiological level. 

We approach this disorder in 2 ways. The first is providing healing human touch in a safe, professional environment. The second is by utilizing CranioFascial technique. As discussed in my last blog, CranioFascial technique directly access's the brain through the cerebrospinal fluid pump mechanism. As the technique facilitates the clients self-correcting process, the neurological system is directly impacted, instigating a calming and slowing down effect. 

Clients will often utilize breathing or visualization techniques during this process to assist them in their journey back to homeostasis. The practitioner will assist in "holding" areas of tension or distress until the strain pattern is released or eased in the body. 

Each person's journey is unique and personal. We hold space to allow whatever the client needs in this time, whether it is a moment to cry, reflect, breathe, share or just have some time in silence. To listen with respect and empathy is the greatest gift we can share with our clients and the world today. If you have any questions regarding massage for anxiety, please do not hesitate to contact me.