Computer work, Mental Health and Golf!

Hello Everyone! The weekend is closing in on us thankfully!!! I've had a busy week but I wanted to share quickly a little snapshot of my day yesterday. I was in the office from 12-5 and worked with 3 clients who each had radically different reasons for treatment. I LOVE these kinds of days! 

So the first client works with a team of practitioners for mental health purposes, and I am honored to be a member of that team. Their particular disorder can render them severely depressed, unable to work and obsessive. We've been addressing their complications with 2 different approaches. The first is the extreme tension they experience (either from stress, the psychotropic medication or a combination of the two, I'm not sure), which we utilize Swedish massage, myofascial release and neuromuscular technique for (and throw in some hot stones for good measure! Incredibly relaxing!!) The second approach is with Craniofascial technique. Seeing that this technique directly impacts the health of the brain, no mental health disorder session is complete without this added in. This client feels homeostasis return to their body and mind post-session and gets a good few days of calm afterwards. I love this work.

My second client is a very healthy individual who works out regularly, is not overweight and has an active lifestyle. However, their job requires them to be sitting at a computer desk 8+ hours a day. As we've discussed before, office injuries are becoming a large percentage of the clients we see. Postural dysfunction and weakness abounds with this career choice! This was a very straight forward session of Swedish massage to warm the tissue and begin the relaxation process in the body, then move towards deep tissue techniques and neuromuscular work. I released the trapezius, scalenes (neck muscles) pecs (to decrease forward shoulder rotation) and some nice scalp work at the end to release any tension holding from squinting at a computer screen, tight neck, etc.

My third client is also an active individual but has chronic tight glutes, IT bands and hamstrings which inevitably create low back pain. They had engaged in a round of golf and accidently hit the grass instead of the ball at one point, creating a jolt through the entire body. Low back pain ensued! We treated this as a sports massage session and applied heat, released low back, muscles around the hips, gluteals and hamstrings, IT bands and quads. This session involved a lot of myofascial release, pin and stretch techniques, rocking and neuromuscular technique. Their pain significantly decreased post-session.

That was my day yesterday!! We love the work we do. Assisting others find relief from pain is our passion. Please contact me if you have any questions!