The healing journey does not require us to walk it alone - everyone deserves a supportive partnership on that path. Healing does not always mean cured - there are many insights, layers and transitions that can occur - these are valuable to "total wellness" in Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. A Healer does not heal you - they facilitate space and awareness for your body's innate intelligence and capacity for restoration and homeostasis to return you to health. Empathic care provides a safe space, active listening, attention to communication from Body, Mind, Heart & Spirit and co-creating goals based off of your own gifts, skills and intuition - it is not a space for blame, shame or emotional dumping without intention to see purpose. Ethics, healthy boundaries, professionalism and continuing education are vital to empathic healing sessions, both for the provider and the client - should the client decide to change practitioners, follow a different course of treatment or alter the focus of sessions, that is to be respected at all times by the practitioner.