Sports massage is vital to the athlete and active person's pre-event, post-event and maintenance healthcare!


Pre-Event Sessions

Pre-event massage can be performed weeks to months prior to the event and focuses on increasing range of motion, monitoring muscle tone, decreasing muscle stiffness and soreness post-workout, preventing injuries and enhancing athletic performance. Modalities utilized are based on the athletes sport of choice and workout regimen.


POst-event sessions

Post-event massage promotes faster recovery time by increasing blood flow, calming the parasympathetic nervous system and returning muscle tone to it's normal state. The impact of a treatment within 72 hours post-event is a boost on an athletes physiological and psychological state, supporting the body's immune system in the process.



Sports maintenance massage is generally performed in either an athletes off-season or when not competing. This is the optimal time to address any pre-existing or new injuries and correct body mechanics, flexibility and myofascial strain patterns.